Saturday, April 16, 2005

how does everyone like my new mustache?
i have to confess, I sort of copied it from this other famous guy. i used Photoshop! he's dead though, that other guy i forget his name, so i don't think anyone should mind.


  1. It reminds me of someone. A Marx Brother? A Chaplin? Hmm. It looks like a thing, though. Donk.

  2. Nice new logo. What sort of characters are they? Does it still mean ever yone isde ad? Or something new?


  3. You know, you give toasters the best name ever. There should be a toasted sandwich named after you. Yup.

    What you need now is a toaster theme song. Something small, yet powerful. Melodic, yet electric. I nominate Michael A for the job!

  4. the new logo is korean alphabet, it says modoonun joognunda. according to babelfish, it means "all is dead".

    i think a toaster song is a good idea.