Thursday, April 28, 2005

It's amazing.

At Symbolic Milepost, Bush to Hold News Conference Tonight By RICHARD W. STEVENSON 5:27 PM ETThe president will make his case for revamping Social Security and reassert himself at a moment when he is under pressure on a variety of fronts.• Live Video at 8 PM ET• Congress Reaches Deal on 2006 BudgetFrist Stands Firm on Filibuster DemandsIraq's Assembly Overwhelmingly Approves New Government By ROBERT F. WORTH 2:22 PM ETIraq's national assembly voted to approve a Shiite-led cabinet today, creating the first elected government in Iraqi history.• Audio Slide Show: John F. Burns of The TimesComplete Coverage: The Reach of WarNew Data Offer More Signs That Economy Is Weakening By JENNIFER BAYOT 3:10 PM ETThe U.S. economy slowed during the first quarter to its weakest pace in two years, the government reported today.• Text: Advance GDP Report (• Stocks Fall on Economic WorriesWoodpecker Thought to Be Extinct Is Sighted in Arkansas By JAMES GORMAN 12:18 PM ETThe ivory-billed woodpecker has been sighted in the watery tupelo swampland of a wildlife refuge in Arkansas.• Video: Footage of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Like I said, it's amazing.

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