Monday, May 02, 2005


Sadly, Andrew has been eaten by all the papers he leaves lying around his office space. He may be missed.

Evidence is attached:
  • office

  • computer

  • desk

  • desk1

  • desk2

  • floor

  • screw embedding all that in html, i say. it wasn't worth it.


    1. Now that is a real office. Cheers!

    2. That's not a real office. It's some sort of dummy office set up to make us think it's a real office and its messy. Everyone knows Andrew doesn't have an office. He has a lab, with silvery steel walls festooned with vacuum tubes and racks of vials with mind-altering chemicals. Electrons whizz and crash about overhead in a constant shower of sparks and flashes as Andrew laughs and laughs. The little creatures of the forest know to tread a wide circle around that lab, believe you me.