Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You may not believe it, but this entire post is a palindrome. That's right, it's exactly the same from forwards to backwards, and not just letter-by-letter, but also word-by-word! I didn't even have to think too hard about it, it all came very naturally. Even as I'm writing this, I can insert random phrases like 'this is a very nice handbag', and yet this entire post is still a palindrome. It's hard to believe, I know, but sometimes you just have to have faith that things are the way someone tells you they are, even if deep down you know that they aren't. Faith is very important, especially in the contruction of palindromic website posts. This morning I bought two pieces of black felt, for just 30 cents!


  1. Andrew--

    Unfortunately, God has commanded that you send me, Veronica, monthly payments roughly equal to your monthly salary. I know this sucks, but who are we to question God?

    Let me know if you need my address!

  2. Wow, even the above comment is a palindrome. How do you people come up with those!?!

    The only palindrome I can do is LOL.

    LOL. How sad.

    Wait, another one just came to me!

    Dog peep God.


  3. My very favorite part was "this morning I bought two pieced of black felt, for just 30 cents!"

    Something about that seems very important. The way it organically springs into being at the end of the palindrome; the way it shifts the focus of the entire post toward the price of material, yet still speaks to the sentence before dealing with construction. Materials are required for construction of any type after all.

    I was moved excessively, and excessively moved was I.


    (what are you going to do with your black felt?)

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  5. i'd hate to give away the significance of the black felt comment, but it is definitely artistically tied in to the overall meaning of the post.

    here is a hint:

    i did buy 2 pieces of black felt that morning, for just 30 cents.

    i taped together and cut apart the pieces of felt, and then taped them onto the surface of a computer monitor so i could take photographs of it. i get paid to do this.