Thursday, June 09, 2005

I just ate a candy bar,
I just drank some coffee-
Where could I get some

You see, I can't think of anything worth writing publicly about. So, I offer poetry to the world, poetry ripped from the darkest corners of my most innermost being.

So, tomorrow James (supposedly) and I drive about 860 miles to Texas. That's a long drive! But, luckily, it's not as long as the drive to Reno, since Reno's in Nevada, and Nevada is sort of on the other side of Texas. I mean, it's sort of on the other side, and sort of above it. I think. You see, I have sort of this map in my mind, and I see Nevada, which is where Reno is, being somewhere up and to the left of Texas. But, you know, we're sort of going down and left to get to Texas, so maybe it would be a straight shot to Reno. I could check but it wouldn't be worth it.

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  1. I'd like to say that I cannot read a blog of poetry without the compelling desire to add a piece of my own poetry to the comment line below. It must be an obsessive/compulsive trait, because if I don't write at least SOME poetry in the comment line of a blog containing poetry, then I get all nervous and shakey and I feel the need to watch other people smoke cigarettes. So, for my health:

    Candy canes are mighty dandy.
    When it rains they come in handy
    For refraining hunger pains.
    Sandy claims the pain remains,
    But claim she cain't,
    Cause she's a panda.