Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the murf has inspired me to post midi songs i have made (the first of these also has a nautical theme, you see):

I could turn them into MP3s so I could guarantee the sound reproduction, but I think most sound cards have the same midi synthesizers now, so I guess it's okay. I would just worry about the balance, like whether all the tracks can be heard in the right proportions. They are all very noisy and repetitive, that is my fault, because I like things that way.

This one is has been around for a couple of years maybe, but the arrangement is new. Banjo, clavichord, and electric piano. It's the best of the three because it's very short and also very complete.

This one was made last week. I like it, but it's not complete at all, it just sort of repeats and builds and then suddenly stops because i couldn't think of what to do next.

This one is like five years old! It's a new arrangement, so it's fair to put it here. I made it when living in Andy Holt big tall building. It's sort of long and maybe boring, but i like it and it's in 5/4 time. Also, the melody is played by a midi bagpipe! Turn down the volume, watch out!



  1. I like these. I am reminded that I liked your midi music back when I got to hear it at Andy Holt. (Here I paused, realizing that I had picked up and absent-mindedly stuck half of a cotton ball in my mouth. Why? I do not know, but now I have little cotton fibers in my mouth...)

    I think I like the second one best. It's the weirdest. Too bad it doesn't have a proper end yet. But it's very compelling. I like organs.

    I like the last one too. I like that 5/4 time a lot. It has a bounce.

    Of course, the first one is nice, too. One part reminded me of the second legend of zelda game (link's adventure?), but I don't know why. A set of three or four notes, and the overworld flashed through my mind. That path outside the first village. Whoa!

    C H O M P !

  2. the first one is my favorite. it sounds like the beginning of an adventure. it may have been subconsciously stolen from a zelda game, though i hope not.........

  3. Andrew! You are brilliant!

    You know how people are always making midi's out of regular songs? Well, starting with you, I think people should start making regular songs of MIDIs! When I get settled in my broken house, and my studio is set up in some sort of fashion, I am going to record a live version of one (or more) of your songs.

    I bet Michael will even try as well! Because your midis are good, and the challenge is just too compelling.

    (and I like #3 the best...I've never been able to master 5/4 time, but you have...brilliant!)

  4. if you can make a live action version of one of my songs, it would be fantastic. i might cry for joy. i don't know what else to say. it can be sad when you make music and only ever get to hear it played by a computer soundcard...