Monday, July 11, 2005

we've gotten wider

This is a jumping spider. Jumping spiders are everywhere. They are very small. This photograph is artificially enlarged, so do not worry. They are smarter than every other spider. This one got a 98 on an IQ test, which is very good for a spider. If you catch a jumping spider be careful, because they know what your nose is and they are able to get there by jumping through the air.


  1. Have we? Has the Spider? Spider and Wider rhyme.

    The wider spider scored winona ryder.

    this spider's wider than a particle collider.

  2. woah. That is a pretty crazy coincidence...
    maybe some day in the next year we will simultaneously watch spider man with no knowledge that the other was doing so...

  3. I missed your birthday AND stepped on a bug.

    You cannot fathom how sad I am right now.

    (but if you want to try to fathom it, think about trying to squeeze all the sadness out of an electron using two bowling balls, where one of each is attached at your elbows.)