Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sylvania, you are a lightbulb
300 watts, so very bright
But the coils in your bulb are shattered
I shake you, I hear them
And I see them roll about
You will never glow again
I'm sorry
But I like your reflector
And those two prongs in your back
You can live on my desk
For now.

Monday, September 19, 2005


boy, that was a long post the other day! and sort of embarassing! i think i'll leave it there, though, as an example of what not to write down for other people.

anyway, my confrontation with the weekend was a draw. i managed to read a lot but didn't write a thing. except an outline. and i smoked 2 cigarettes saturday night and then felt really, really sick until i went to sleep.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

i hate to push box hammer can off the top, but i feel like i have to do it.


ah, the weekend. my new enemy. i will destroy it through constant action!

tomorrow morning i figure i'll get up and go wash some clothes. if i do this often enough, i will only have to wear the clothes i like! last time i went, i took my old CD player and listened to a metallica CD. it was fun! i got the CD player and the metallica CD both when i was 15! probably two of my oldest things.

and, i have to make some presentation and write a paper for some class i'm taking. maybe i'll do that.

today i took my first electrical engineering test! it seemed easy. i was one of the first to finish. do not think i am smart. one of the questions was to figure the resistivity for some material given its resistance and its diameter and its length. i didn't know, so i made up an equation! it seemed to give a number which seemed about right, and i had no other ideas, so there it went. maybe the real equation was more complicated and that's why i finished so fast. for example.

also, i bought a pack of cigarettes! i wanted lucky strikes, but they didn't have those. then, i wanted the unfiltered pall malls, but they didn't have those. so i'm stuck with unfiltered camels like a loser. but, it's something to do. with the weekend.

i have a feeling that one thing i will not be doing this weekend is: interacting with another human being. except at the laundromat, where the old lady will give me a raffle ticket. and maybe i'll go buy my lunch somewhere. i'll have to say something customary to the lunch person.

weekend, my new enemy. i will destroy the weekend.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Box, Hammer, Can

"In what be?" say the Box.

"Be in the Box," say the Hammer.

"Bee in the Box?" say the Box, getting scared.

"No, in the Box be," say the Hammer.

"Oh, see," say the Box. "Where go the Hammer?"

"Hammer go to Hammer," say the Can.

"In what be?" say the Box.

"Can in the Hammer," say the Can.

"Hammer in the Can, Bee in the Box," say the Box.

"No," say the Hammer.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

songs for you

a sampling of my midi directory. some new, some old. some complete, some incomplete. all repeat, repeat, repeat. have fun. i recommend playing in alphabetical order. prepare for jarring discontinuities, obnoxious instrumentation, poor soundcard translation, and way too many notes.