Saturday, September 17, 2005

i hate to push box hammer can off the top, but i feel like i have to do it.


ah, the weekend. my new enemy. i will destroy it through constant action!

tomorrow morning i figure i'll get up and go wash some clothes. if i do this often enough, i will only have to wear the clothes i like! last time i went, i took my old CD player and listened to a metallica CD. it was fun! i got the CD player and the metallica CD both when i was 15! probably two of my oldest things.

and, i have to make some presentation and write a paper for some class i'm taking. maybe i'll do that.

today i took my first electrical engineering test! it seemed easy. i was one of the first to finish. do not think i am smart. one of the questions was to figure the resistivity for some material given its resistance and its diameter and its length. i didn't know, so i made up an equation! it seemed to give a number which seemed about right, and i had no other ideas, so there it went. maybe the real equation was more complicated and that's why i finished so fast. for example.

also, i bought a pack of cigarettes! i wanted lucky strikes, but they didn't have those. then, i wanted the unfiltered pall malls, but they didn't have those. so i'm stuck with unfiltered camels like a loser. but, it's something to do. with the weekend.

i have a feeling that one thing i will not be doing this weekend is: interacting with another human being. except at the laundromat, where the old lady will give me a raffle ticket. and maybe i'll go buy my lunch somewhere. i'll have to say something customary to the lunch person.

weekend, my new enemy. i will destroy the weekend.


  1. Somehow cigarettes and electrical engineering tests seem to go well together. Can you figure out the resistence against the smoke in a paper tube three inches long, a quarter inch in diameter, stuffed full of long hair tobacco.

  2. Man, I haven't had a cigarette in forever. I wonder if they're still good. Maybe so, maybe not. You should buy Cuban cigars instead. They rock. (propz 2 Andrew N!)

    Did you beat the weekend?

  3. To Andrew N: I believe that the study of smoke thru a tobaccoed paper tube would be more the study of fluid and/or air dynamics, and not of electrical engineering. Now having said this, I will probably waste a good portion of my work day trying to answer this question of yours.

    To Michael: I, too, have not had a cigarette in forever. Every time I think that I want to try to smoke a cig, I do, and then my throat hurts and I try to figure out why I wanted to try one in the first place. I is da woos, perhaps, but there ya go.

    To Andrew: Want to know a secret to make your weekends fly by like they weren't even there??? One Acronym: MMPRPG's. They suck time like a Hummer sucks fuel.