Tuesday, November 01, 2005

IT doesn't know what to type, but has been too long. Cold but not raining, clear out but sitting inside. Too long has the story of the electric-library politician held top place, now too long have gone, though don't know what to say. IT thinks maybe there might be some answer, and IT thinks about the answer, but can't think of one. IT does a few things, it rains, and cold, but not inside, and dark out but not inside. What does IT say? IT says, "Incoherent! IT's got to be tied to something, IT can't just float out there, attaching to weather and keyboards". IT wonders if there's a burrito left at home, in the freezer. IT doesn't think so. IT thinks IT ate the last burrito. There but for the grace of IT go IT.



  1. IT wishes it were cold AND raining where IT is. But IT understands these things to not often be the case in the current realm of IT and sighs. To rain, to rain...

  2. IT is at a TI convention, but wishes IT were at home in a fixed house with working plumbing and some warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies.

    IT also wants to hug a baby panda~!