Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Et Cetera plus Grammar Fix

What a nice day!
Oh, what a nice day.
It's very clear outside!
The sky is completely blue.
It's also very cold.
It really is very cold!
Yesterday was the same.
It was very cold!
It was also very clear outside.
Last night was the same!
The sky was very clear.
We could see lots of stars.
There were no clouds!
The air was very cold.
We climbed a tree.
We scared a squirrel.
Poor squirrel.

Monday, December 12, 2005

obviously, I couldn't think of anything to write about.

There was a fantastic poem here,
poem which detailed my day.
But I had to delete it.
Actually it wasn't so fantastic,
containing existential inaccuracies,
so I deleted it.

Instead, here is my day, in form of a dramatic vignette:

Aristarchus: I thought I had thirty dollars in my pocket.
狗王: Thirty dollars comes, so thirty dollars goes.
Aristarchus: Did you take my thirty dollars? Did you take it?
狗王: Do you think I took it?
Aristarchus: I am not in the mood for this. Where is my hat?
狗王: Hats come, hats go. Who can say where your hat is?
Aristarchus: I would go without my hat, but it's cold outside.
狗王: Was your hat coming or going when you last saw it?
Aristarchus: I think I left it at the siege tower last night.
狗王: What were you doing at the siege tower?
Aristarchus: I went to see a siege. It is a black hat. It is my only hat.
狗王: I do not pity you. I have no hat, so I cannot cut my hair.
Aristarchus: 狗王, you are an idiot.
狗王: If you had thirty dollars, you could buy a nice hat. Or several regular hats.
Aristarchus: I think you took my money.
Beerbottle: Water floats a boat, water sinks a boat.
Aristarchus: Hello Beerbottle. Why are you wearing a cast on your leg?
狗王: Beerbottle is an idiot. He drove home from the vomitorium after having consumed too much fermented mare's milk.
Beerbottle: Shut up 狗王, let me tell the story.
Aristarchus: I am going home. I hope that I did not leave the dome lights on in my car, which would kill my battery and mean that I'll have-
狗王: He crashed into a vegetable stand, and the farmer smashed his leg up with a giant radish.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Say "twelfths" 12 times. Enunciate!

Here we have a rare shot of the mysterious Gar-gondola, with it's crew of six colorful Guatamalan ladies all on deck... We hear that soon after this was taken, the strange ship drifted to the west, toward the setting crescent moon, off to cause mischief in another world... Ok, really, those are little dolls and that's a dried fish hanging on a wall.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tomorrow I get to go and screw myself on my electrical engineering final exam. In commemoration of this, I signal all of my multitudes of visitors to the new Buildabot Robot Creation Laboratories site, where we'll be learning how to make robots, starting at not knowing how!