Monday, December 12, 2005

obviously, I couldn't think of anything to write about.

There was a fantastic poem here,
poem which detailed my day.
But I had to delete it.
Actually it wasn't so fantastic,
containing existential inaccuracies,
so I deleted it.

Instead, here is my day, in form of a dramatic vignette:

Aristarchus: I thought I had thirty dollars in my pocket.
狗王: Thirty dollars comes, so thirty dollars goes.
Aristarchus: Did you take my thirty dollars? Did you take it?
狗王: Do you think I took it?
Aristarchus: I am not in the mood for this. Where is my hat?
狗王: Hats come, hats go. Who can say where your hat is?
Aristarchus: I would go without my hat, but it's cold outside.
狗王: Was your hat coming or going when you last saw it?
Aristarchus: I think I left it at the siege tower last night.
狗王: What were you doing at the siege tower?
Aristarchus: I went to see a siege. It is a black hat. It is my only hat.
狗王: I do not pity you. I have no hat, so I cannot cut my hair.
Aristarchus: 狗王, you are an idiot.
狗王: If you had thirty dollars, you could buy a nice hat. Or several regular hats.
Aristarchus: I think you took my money.
Beerbottle: Water floats a boat, water sinks a boat.
Aristarchus: Hello Beerbottle. Why are you wearing a cast on your leg?
狗王: Beerbottle is an idiot. He drove home from the vomitorium after having consumed too much fermented mare's milk.
Beerbottle: Shut up 狗王, let me tell the story.
Aristarchus: I am going home. I hope that I did not leave the dome lights on in my car, which would kill my battery and mean that I'll have-
狗王: He crashed into a vegetable stand, and the farmer smashed his leg up with a giant radish.


  1. I have wanted to leave a comment for the last 24 hours, but I cannot come up with the words that describe what your conversation sparked in my brain.

  2. The last time I drank too much fermented mare's milk I woke up on the island of Elba wearing a decidedly floral-patterned toga and I was fitted with a most uncomely bridle.