Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Say "twelfths" 12 times. Enunciate!

Here we have a rare shot of the mysterious Gar-gondola, with it's crew of six colorful Guatamalan ladies all on deck... We hear that soon after this was taken, the strange ship drifted to the west, toward the setting crescent moon, off to cause mischief in another world... Ok, really, those are little dolls and that's a dried fish hanging on a wall.


  1. that's a nice picture wherein I am familiar with the components but surprised to see them together.

    To which did the dolls go, and what of the cowboy hat?

  2. i gave the dolls to jingping, she seemed happy, wasn't expecting a present. she and i found the fish, you see. i gave the hat to the girl in my office, as commanded, haven't heard anything else about it, as expected...