Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here are pictures to go along with ze previous post. If you click on ze pictures, zey will get bigger.

I went to my friend Shane's wedding. Here are my other friends Ian and Joseph.

Then I went to Texas with James to see Margaret and Michael. James, he is far away.

Meanwhile Jingping was in China. Here are some Chinese children.

Eventually Jingping came back and we went to Lisa's wedding. Here are Greg and Kim, who look happy.

And here is Travis. Sacre bleu, look at his beard!

Then, I took Jingping to see Kingston Springs. We went to ze Slave Tunnel and climbed up on ze ridge above ze Narrows.



  1. It looks like Kingston Springs was given a thumbs up. There should be a vague review about that!

  2. You do a nice job with captions. And James was far away.

  3. rrrr!!! thems be some good picturrrres rrrrr .....mow time for me ta shine me gold.

  4. I need a new post. I click here. It's been more than two weeks. I KEEP clicking here. I'm not going to give up, like you think. I'm going to keep on. "Keep on keepin' on," they say. I will.