Friday, July 27, 2007

Playing computer games when I should be studying

I have lots of things I should be doing. I should be working on my qualifying exam, which is this long paper which has to be researched and all that stuff. I am writing it, but it's pretty slow. Also, I should be constantly designing new experiments, and recruiting subjects, and running in my own experiments. I am doing these things, but it all feels kind of half-assed. What I'm all about is playing with this WWII strategy game I downloaded a couple of months ago. It's really hard to stop, and I've wasted many, many hours playing with it instead of reading/writing/programming. I am supposed to be a grownup doing work, not a kid playing video games. I am completely and hugely an idiot.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jingping looking at papers...

Can't rightfully call this a crappy comic, but wanted to broadcast the cartoon Jingping, while the real one is in China... No cartoon lonely Andrew is available...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Introducing Frederick and Rollo

Frederick: I thought of something a few days ago, that I wanted to write down here.

Rollo: But you've forgotten it?

Frederick: That's right.

Rollo: Why didn't you write it down then, when you thought of it?

Frederick: I was probably falling asleep, or driving.

Rollo: You should have remembered.

Frederick: I know. Then this would be about something.

Rollo: What is this?

Frederick: It's true that it's not nothing. But I know that it's not interesting, and to most people something which isn't interesting may as well be nothing.

Rollo: You could take interest as a measure of the extent to which something exists to a person.

Frederick: That's kind of a truism, isn't it?

Rollo: I guess so.

Frederick: Hm..

Rollo: Yeah.

Frederick: Have you seen the Transformers movie?

Rollo: Right, I can't believe Megatron went down so easy.