Monday, July 09, 2007

Introducing Frederick and Rollo

Frederick: I thought of something a few days ago, that I wanted to write down here.

Rollo: But you've forgotten it?

Frederick: That's right.

Rollo: Why didn't you write it down then, when you thought of it?

Frederick: I was probably falling asleep, or driving.

Rollo: You should have remembered.

Frederick: I know. Then this would be about something.

Rollo: What is this?

Frederick: It's true that it's not nothing. But I know that it's not interesting, and to most people something which isn't interesting may as well be nothing.

Rollo: You could take interest as a measure of the extent to which something exists to a person.

Frederick: That's kind of a truism, isn't it?

Rollo: I guess so.

Frederick: Hm..

Rollo: Yeah.

Frederick: Have you seen the Transformers movie?

Rollo: Right, I can't believe Megatron went down so easy.

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