Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mystery of the Numerous Forks


I hadn't washed dishes in a couple of days, so there was a pile of them in the sink. For one person, I use a lot of dishes every day. There was also a bit of extra silverware left over from the last time I dishwashed, I must have given up before finishing.

Anyways, I noticed what I had noticed last time I washed a pile of leftover dishes at once, that there were a bunch of forks in the sink. This was strange, because I absolutely never eat with a fork. That last time, and this time, I stood there wondering, where are these forks coming from? I thought about everything I ate, at different times of day, weekdays or weekends, and none of them involve a fork. I use spoons or chopsticks. Never forks.

So, I gave up thinking about it, just couldn't figure it out. I even fantasized that maybe it was a signal from someone, someone who had been sneaking into my apartment when I wasn't there, or when I was asleep. They might be trying to frighten me by doing otherwise unexplainable things. But, I figured that now I was sensitized to fork use, and the next time one came up, I would be sure to notice, and the problem would be solved.

This morning I go to pack my lunch, getting covered bowls of leftovers from the refrigerator and scraping selections into my lunch container. Sure enough, I used a fork, and then I tossed it into the sink.

Problem solved, life can continue now.


  1. hahahaha~~~ good story--hardly see you tell a story in the way i can understand--good boy~~

    ps. wondering whether any unwashable poisonous creatures could grow on the dishes while they stay in the sink for several days?! nervous about food now, & US food is famous for the additionals too... we need our own farm!

  2. Andrew, where are you and why have you never seen my house?

    I still love you, you know! In an unairconditioned-Hess-Hall-perseverance kind of way!!!

    Hugs n' Kisses