Saturday, March 27, 2010


okay, netstat is neat. it shows you a list of all the IP addresses to which your computer is connected by a port. i haven't figured out what exactly a port is yet, but i think it's just like some sort of i/o index for the computer. what's more neat is that if you type netstat -b, it will show you the list along with the applications associated with each. for me, this basically means firefox (chrome boo) or skype.

so, from this i have learned something interesting about skype. if you're just connected to it, you'll see some foreign address that's unfamiliar - i guess it's just like a neutral relay node or something, which you use to connect to other people. if you're currently talking with someone, in chat or phone, you can actually see their address directly. this is why skype is a 'peer-to-peer' service: you connect directly with the other person.

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