Monday, April 26, 2010


just got my first portscan result.

it's another address in boston, using skype. it's also a comcast address, and the first 16 bits are the same as my address. the prefix of the server above it says 'needham'. i guess it's strange that it's such a similar location to mine, and i suppose i could be looking into some sort of mirror that i don't understand, but i do think it's a real, other user, somewhere here in town.

nmap saw that its http ports (80 and 443) were open, and decided that they were being used by the Skype service. i can also see that port 2265 is open, the same port from which i'm receiving packets from this computer.

the other open port (2222) is associated with a website administration program, or with who knows what else.

nmap also claims with some confidence that the computer is a pocket PC running some version of windows XP.

still, i have no idea why this computer is reflecting messages through my computer. and i still haven't figured out why there's always an explicit connection through skype with another computer - other than jingping, this is the only skype connection at the moment, so it is *the other* connection. now i'll see if it shows up again...

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