Monday, April 19, 2010

skype port? broadcasts?

ok, very briefly because it's late.

if i leave the network monitor on for a while, it lists lots and lots of conversations between ARKIV (my computer) and other addresses out there in the world. most of these are UDP packets, but not all. of the ones that are UDP packets, i'm pretty sure that they're all associated with Skype. here is how i know:

the monitor does show when conversations are known to be controlled by a particular process like Skype. so, tonight, i record for a while, and i see two other addresses associated with Skype. one is jingping, i know, because tracert tells me that it's an insight address routed through Atlanta, and i already know that's our service in louisville. the other is somebody in new bedford MA, still in the comcast network. i don't know what that is.

anyways, so i can see jingping's IP address. it also shows up in the 'unknown' associated list of all those UDP conversations, with a different port number, 34268. all the other UDP conversations (most - i didn't look at each one) are also going to port 34268, so i deduce that they must also be associated with Skype.

so, apparently Skype is going to be an internet learning tool for me. it's very mysterious. are these other Skype users, using ARKIV as a waypoint for finding other users? i think that's what a supernode does, but from what i've read supernodes should have many, many more connections. so, i still don't know what this is all about, and skype's operations are kind of trade secrets which are hard to research online. still, i'm sure there's plenty out there for me to figure out.

okay, so there, i learned that i can identify a process by its port number. or, at least, i deduced it. it may be wrong.

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