Sunday, May 16, 2010

China 222 part 3

not much going on - watched a couple of scans, but haven't studied much. saw the same scan, on ports 8085, 9415, 3246, 9090, and 8090. it probably spins around every few hours, from what others have said on got a single hit from, another chinese location, on a single port. this one actually had a domain name:

read a bit about routing a few days ago, and got a bit of a sense for it, but not really - but then, Jason gave me a great piece of information that I hadn't gleaned yet from my browsing: routers and other computers broadcast their addresses and routing information across the networks. this is how routing tables get their information. i'm still not totally clear on it, but i'll figure it out.

Jason also suggested i get around to learning how to use linux, and install at least a virtual version of it to use, since that's what real internet people do. i may do that, if only for the fun of it.

but anyways, nothing much learned lately. slow week.

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