Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DNS server

ok, just got home, thought i'd look at the monitor.

nothing much going on, except i see two reciprocated queries to an address i recognize as something that comes up often as a comcast address - both packets were DNS packets, which as i take it are a type of UDP packet, or maybe not. anyways, i guessed that the address must be a DNS server. since i usually am not using the web browser when i look at the monitor, i wouldn't have noticed this before.

so, i google it and sure enough, is the primary comcast DNS server for massachusetts.

now, one of the queries was for the institute FTP server, which i used to get a file. the other was for, which i do not like, because i did not know google was running something in the background on my computer. the address was then contacted and some packets were traded, a couple were HTTP messages saying "update". i'm going to find out what it is, and kill it. (could be Chrome which i have installed but don't use. i don't have any google plugins or anything for firefox. Chrome must go.)

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