Sunday, May 09, 2010

not much 2

ok, this is interesting. another packet from the host at that address has just about all of its ports open. i haven't seen that before. is this some sort of lure?

not a lure - i think it's an open proxy. all those open ports are so that other hosts can use it as a proxy for whatever service they want. i can't find any resource that actually confirms this (and i think that having all ports open doesn't necessarily mean it's an open proxy), but i think that's what it is.

always something new to learn...

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  1. shows that host as having a history of questionable activity, as does Googling the IP/hostname shows tons of unsavory activity. You can determine this without scanning the IP/hostname (which is probably illegal anyways and if it isn't illegal, you're still more than likely violating AUP...your ISP can shut you down for such scans, so be careful).