Thursday, September 01, 2011


Got over 1000 page views for the month of august, basically because last week was HUGE for my classic comedic dialogues and self-indulgent essays. No no no, really, it was MS-WBT server. Observe:
Yeah, I don't know what's going on. Whatever it is that causes people to google "MS-WBT server", and wind up here for a few seconds, got a little worse last week - visits increased by something like 30%. Google is weird, the internet is weird, MS-WBT server is weird.

Going to Nashville tonight!

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  1. Uhmm..well that's really crazy because that is exactly how I got here! I was just messing with (aka optimizing) my router and noticed that in the logs I had bassically been getting flooded with traffic from a few different IPs all aiming at my internal address @ port:3389...which I'd seen listed in c:\windows\system\drivers\etc\services as

    │ms-wbt-server 3389/tcp #MS WBT Server
    │ms-wbt-server 3389/udp #MS WBT Server