Tuesday, April 24, 2012

scintillating scotoma

a few minutes ago (~22:35), reading, and i notice that letters are hard to see. that sensation of having a bright afterimage at fixation; it's moving rightward, usually it's been leftward (I haven't taken notes on the past 2 occurrences, sadly..); this it is at least the first of the last 4 to go through the right field, if not longer.

it begins with just a weird sense of scotoma-ness, very near fixation, but the blind areas are hard to pin down - they seem to change very rapidly, or else it's more a sensation of blindness rather than actual blindness. it's strange how it sticks at fixation even as it arcs out into the periphery; it seems it always arcs into the lower field, after arcing just a bit above fixation. i've not noticed yet one passing across the field, maybe it is restricted to hemisphere?

it's almost gone at this point (almost 30 minutes after the first signs), and all that's left is a flickering at the very top of my visual field, as if there's a light flashing on my eyebrows; interestingly, if i look up, it disappears, which is strange because it should be attached to the field location. i can look up, it disappears, look down again and it reappears. maybe was an interaction with the reflection of room/computer lights off my eyeglass frames? can't test, it's all gone now..

and i have a headache (actually it started a few minutes in; the light show was so slow to start, i thought we were skipping straight to the headache for a few minutes, a bit of disappointment, but it worked out!)

also, some hints: today and yesterday, i several times wondered if i wasn't going to get a headache soon, without understanding why. not sure what sets off those feelings.. this afternoon, i thought i saw some flashes at some point when i was walking down the hallway, and that really made me suspicious; and, all day, really tight, painful muscle spasm throughout my upper back, both sides trapezius.


map below: i have a few of these now, should get to processing them this summer..

Edit: look at what this guy has done: http://www.pvanvalkenburgh.com/MigraineAura/MigraineAuraMaps.html. pretty amazing.

also, i did wind up writing a script to analyze these plots; once I get some stuff settled, i'll post those in a new entry.

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