Thursday, July 12, 2012

a poem about physics

begin by recognizing everything
once all facts are forgot

only when all was forgotten
can we say it was known

then the tense is correct

air presses me, i press the earth
but we don't pass through

these texts,
they say what we once knew

you learn the math
and the shape of space

you learn the motion of the worlds
and the age of the expanse

and you learn its end and beginning
because these are what we remember

but the heart is forgot
these pieces, that produce these ends

see how they mesh together

all have these types
and all are countered

some are manifest
while others abide

some transmit
while others hide

the forces four are only fragments
at the start there was just one

but we can bring them back
together with effort

give it a try
some of the elements
are soft

break them apart
to see what they are

break space itself
see what a piece becomes

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