Thursday, August 02, 2012


very slight headache lately. nothing obvious beforehand - maybe some occasional false-alarm-foveal-scotoma feelings, but nothing ever showed up.

those false alarms: when reading, i get a feeling that the text is smudged or jumbled, but when i try to see what's wrong, even one eye at a time, i can't actually find any defects. at other times, it's less clear, because the non-text world is more complicated, but i still haven't actually caught and analyzed any of these defects. so, i still don't know if they're false starts, like a CSD bubble that stops soon after is starts, or just high-level false alarms, i.e. paranoia.

anyways, that's it. working on text for a talk next month. tiny bit of writing lately. somehow i have three people reviewing the classification image manuscript. need to get back to the blur adaptation revision sooner rather than later. not looking forward to it, but once i'm into it i think it should be okay.

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