Thursday, July 04, 2013

titles are hard

woke up this morning, after nine, opened then closed my eyes, and saw a glittering arc in my left visual field: this is the fourth or fifth time now, at least (i could pin it to one of those if i looked back over these records) that this has happened as i awoke. the aura was typical, about 10 minutes or so in, already with the leftward midline jag, then arcing downward. like last time, when i woke in the middle of the night at a similar stage, i decided not to run and record the end of it, just laid there and observed.

i watched half of it with eyes closed, and the scintillations were a bit plainer that way, typical fortification spectrum. i noticed that even - or especially - with eyes closed, eye movements seem to briefly abolish my perception of the scintillations. with eyes open, the same seems to happen, but it's less plain. the scotoma was very thin, which i've noticed before with the early morning (and the previous, nighttime) auras.

a few minutes after i awoke the headache started, and i gave it a 3. left side aura, headache focused on right frontal nerve. might have peaked at 4 or so around or after noon, when i could feel it in my teeth, but now it's more like a 1, i have to shake my head or stand up to feel it.

july fourth! getting work done lately. checked the proofs of one paper and submitted another. need to revise a third. need to work on a fourth and a fifth, editing and improvements of unsubmitted papers. and then there's a sixth that needs to be written, outlined it in toronto. so it's been a good summer for papers, at least.

that's it for now. spending july 4 playing video games, need to get back to that before it's time to cook dinner.

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