Monday, October 03, 2005


i found one of those chinese/pinyin typing programs! it's going to take some learning. i type things out in letters, like "nihao, wo jiao andrew", and as i type, i, um, deftly select the proper characters from a list (but i had to check over it with a translator first, because there are mistakes like "i am very Burma"), and so what comes out is "你好, 我 叫 andrew". but the program even knows what the most common words are, so i don't even have to choose sometimes!

我 现在 写 中文, 用 我的 电脑. 我 最近 学 中国话, 可是 我的 语法 不很好. 我 知道 一些 词, 可是 很少.

我 现在 认识 一个 中国人, 她 也 是 一个 学生 在 louisville大学. 她 是 从 上海. 我 要 说话 中文 跟 她, 可是 我 是 很羞涩. 我 喜欢 她, 可是 要是 她 喜欢 我, 不知道.

it only took me like 15 minutes to type this. the chinese part, i mean. that doesn't include the first 3 tries, where i kept deleting the whole thing trying to copy it to the spellchecker.

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  1. unrelated, but on your other website, that thing that says "give each component a random trajectory and just send it on its way. Total destruction!" I clicked on that, and for a second, I saw the famouse "Mars Face" in the picture. Proof of aliens? I think so. I mean, obviously.