Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chocolate Cheesy Soup

Olfred: We was thinkin', Olbert, what was this thing we got here?

Olbert: We dunno, Olfred. Looks to us like somethin' square, like a box.

Olfred: We dunno, Olbert, looks to us like a table, or maybe a laser.

Olbert: Don' be silly, Olfred, lasers ain't square they's round.

Olfred: Ain't silly, Olbert, just cause all the lasers you seen have been round, don' mean they all got to be round. Anyway, might just be a table, that thing.

Olbert: Has it got a button or a switcher or somethin'?

Olfred: We don' see one, do we? Let's eat our lunch then.

Olbert: What kind o' sandwich you got there, Olfred?

Olfred: See, we started with three piece o' bread. Then, see, we get some cheese an' melt it real nice, and put it on the bread. Then-

Olbert: What kind o' bread you use?

Olfred: Then, see, we kill a chicken. Then, see, we got a nice melted cheese sandwich.

Olbert: What kind o' cheese you use?

Olfred: What kind o' sandwich you got there, then, Olbert?

Olbert: We made us a nice soup this mornin', Olfred. This is soup we're eatin'.

Olfred: Oh, we see. What you got in that soup, Olbert?

Olbert: We put a chocolate bar in it, and cooked it up real nice with some cheese. Oh, what's this button here? Olfred, we found the button!

Olfred: Ought we oughtta press it then ought?

Olbert: Ought. Wim foona iggle wiggle?

Olfred: Olbert, wim fonga woggle ongle? On foomy poobs, right ought, foom!

Olbert: Foom. Ought.

1 comment:

  1. Michael: Was thinkin, Maggie, this thing we got here is sure funny.

    Maggie: Dunno, Michael. I was thinkin' it was creepy.

    Michael: I eats a fishy now.

    (Trumpets blare.)